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Terminal 4 Singapore Changi Airport

Kunstlicht & Tageslicht

SAA Architects (Executive Architect)
Benoy (Design Architect)
Bilder: Benoy
Oktober 2017

Lighting for T4 provided the rare opportunity to develop a scheme for natural and artificial lighting together from the first concept sketches through to completion. Highest emphasis was put on visual comfort, guidance and creating a sense of place, characteristic for the local context. The passenger journey offers positive surprises, encouraging travelers to slow down and enjoy the space.

The central galleria celebrates these aspects with its interior landscape, views to the sky and affluent natural light extending into the night with subtle plays of light and color.

The design was to provide the highest level of comfort for passengers and staff and creating an overall memorable experience. Lighting responds in a variety of design aspects with natural and artificial light blending into one.

The project is exemplary for a high level of collaboration among design and client team through all stages. With lighting on board in early concept, it was developed hand in hand with architecture and already considering various functional aspects so relevant to the operation and geographic location.

Since the building is used 24/7, day- and nighttime operation are of equal importance. The design responds to bright, overcast skies and direct sun from predominantly vertical directions. First, geometry and layout of openings were established. Artificial lighting was then implemented on a consistent grid in the direction of passenger flow. Varying density of luminaires was applied and creates soft transition zones. Diffuse light-sources complement the atmosphere and improve face-recognition while referencing the signature petal motive.