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Lakhta Centre

St. Petersburg, Russia
Artificial Lighting

Images: Lakhta Center, press service

The complex’s architectural concept is based on water images: waves, icicles, chopped icebergs, all this is a reminder of the shores of the Baltic. Inspired by the water crystallization process and how ice celebrates light by creating playful effects within its structure, our lighting concept corresponds to the extensive use of glass material throughout the architecture of the Lakhta Center. A holistic lighting approach has been applied by mapping the overall concept and then reducing it to individual elements. Thus, tower, multifunctional complex, entrance arch, podium and landscape area will all narrate one complete story. The volume of the tower is defined by different light intensity tones via combining two main lighting components: frame lighting of interior and edge continuous linear lighting of exterior. The lighting concept enables the development of different lighting scenes, like every-day scene, mode for evening winter time, special event mode or festival scene, night time scene and others. A special part of the tower lighting was developing detailed concept of aircraft obstruction lights and "bird friendly" lighting and their integration into overall concept.

IES Award of Merit
LIT Awards Winner