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Costa Smeralda


Tihany Design, Jeffrey Beers International, Rockwell Group, Dordoni Architetti, Partner Ship Design
Fotos: Costa

Costa Smeralda is the biggest vessel within Costa Crociere fleet. Designed by four different interior designers, under the guidance of Tihany Design masterplan, the ship offers an incredible variety of areas between restaurants, shops and entertainment. General lighting has been used to bind the various venues together, creating nice transitions from one area to the next. Custom decorative fittings and highlights to architectural features have been introduced to bring out the essence of each area for a greater customer experience. Dim to warm and tunable white technologies have been widely used to allow for change of atmosphere throughout the day and the night. This brings a strong connection between the inside and the outside, with bright and energetic scenes at day time and a moodier candle light effect at night time.