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Time Handsome Store

Seoul, Korea

Bauherr: Hyundai Department Store
Architekt: Casper Mueller Kneer
Bilder: Roh Space

CMK refurbished the ground floor of The Hyundai in Park 1, Seoul, providing a new graphical look to this dedicated cosmetic’s floor. A swinging carpet of suspended diffuse disks characterizes the central circulation space that is being divided into two symmetrical zones. As second element, downlights are distributed in between the suspended fixtures providing further soft accents. Both elements together create an appealing visual ceiling grid and unify the space. To visually identify the zones with varying cosmetic brands along the sides, circular backlit volumes are dropped from the ceiling helping visitors with product selection. Colour temperature and colour rendering were carefully considered for the best rendering and visibility of exhibited products. Light levels were balanced between transitional spaces and other department store floors.