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Duhamel, Germany
Artificial Lighting

Pfeiffer Sachse Architekten
Images: Tom Gundelwein
Jan Siefke

The Saarpolygon is an icon for the profound change which the industrial region of the Saarland experienced since the cessation of coal mining in 2012. The monument symbolizes the 20-year tradition of Saarland coal mining and the related steel and energy industry.

The walkable sculpture, made of steel, is perceived from afar as the tip of coal dump both day and night since at dark the sculpture is illuminated from inside. The construction and the material of the impressive structure represent a reminiscence of the industrial architecture.

The topic of change influenced the shape of the landmark. The perception changes depending the point of view and of the time of the day and is strongly intensified by the lighting concept.

IES Illumination Awards 2017 International Merit
LIT Awards 2017 Winner
LAMP Awards 2017 Finalist
Darc Award 'Architectual Shortlist