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PCK Refinery Schwedt

Schwedt, Germany
Artificial Lighting, Daylighting & Lighting Control

PCK Refinery Schwedt
Obermeyer Planen & Beraten
Jungmann Systemtechnik
Oliver Voigt (Image 2)

The oil refinery “PCK” northeast of Berlin has rebuilt and modernized their control room of about 1000 m² size. The building is a windowless bunker - flame and explosion proof. 6 Teams work there in 3 shifts around the clock. The control room only contains transparent glass walls. The whole space is visible from any observer position. To enhance this impression a line of wallwashers was mounted along the outer walls.

Each of the 26 working places in front of the monitor walls is lit by 2 suspended light fittings. They are positioned between two working places. The direct flux for a work desk comes from 2 fittings left and right. At each working place the staff can dim the direct component individually. The indirect component is controlled team wise. Therefore the suspended luminaire exists of 3 DALI dimming groups: direct left, direct right and indirect. All luminaires are equipped with DALI-drivers connected to a KNX-backbone. The color temperature for the direct component is 3000K, the indirect 4000K.

The client made some expenses to avoid a bunker like atmosphere. Two elements were established: Digital windows and a virtual sky.
Other more emotional stimulating events are randomly added with the overlay function of the video server: Gadgets like the contrail of a passing airplane, birds, a passing hot-air balloon or for events the rotating company logo, for birthday wishes a bunch of ascending balloons or even a jumping Santa Claus at Xmas time. This kind of lighting creates a pleasant working environment.

German Lighting Design Award 2017 - Award for Innovation

Darc Awards/ architectural Finalist Best Interior Scheme-high budget

Designpreis Brandenburg 1. Place Lighting Design

Codega International Lighting Design Awards 3rd Place

WIN Awards 2018 Finalist

IES Award of Merit