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Tiffany House

Macau, China
Artificial Lighting for Façade, Interiors, Landscape, Lighting Controls Sustainability

Architect: Arquitectonica, LWKP
Additional Planning Partners: ALN Landscape
Pictures: 戚朔迁 Qi Shuoqian

The Tiffany House is a Mixed use development made up of residential units and retail at podium level. The architecture of the façade is inspired by jewellery boxes where the draws are opening and theirs is that anticipation to go and look inside. The lighting element at the façade acts as a frame and just like a gift, wraps around the facet like a ribbon. The interior lighting further complements the interior space by choose the fixture type according to the use of space. Lichtvisions scope of works features all interior public areas including residential club house, luxury amenities and retail as well as lush, landscaped terraces on top of the retail podium.