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The ARK, Hammersmith

London, United Kingdom
Artificial Lighting, Landscape Lighting

Images: Gensler

Refurbishment of one of the most iconic buildings in the Hammersmith borough. Lichtvision’s lighting scope involved; the new landscape area at the main entrance of the building, interior foyer, reception hall with two full-height light wells, the cafe area and the iconic crow’s nest. Gensler’s design intent was to render the new concept of contemporary and enjoyable working space by using wooden finishes and sinuous lines for a more hospitality oriented workplace. The lighting approach follows the architectural concept forming a ribbon effect and leading people into the stepped-back reception. The effect is achieved by highlighting wood materials, low-level lighting at counters and banquettes with a graphic approach followed in the outdoor space. Two eight-store light wells are using a similar graphic window light approach allowing for an extended view into the skylights. The crow’s nest offers a cozy VIP setting with a graphic effect approach for long-distance views. ARK becomes a true landmark of the Hammersmith area.