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Kitag Muri

Muri, Switzerland
Artificial Lighting

General Contractor: meierpartner architekten eth sia ag
Architect (interior): Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Images: Radek Brunecky

The Multiplex Cinedome Muri by KITAG in Switzerland combines the cinema experience with sportsbar, bowling and VR entertainment. The corporate interior design already established in KITAG Biel with the design team was developed further to embedded the new needs of entertainment by KITAG. The synergies of all partner -client, architect, interior designer, lighting designer and engineers- in the design and construction process provided the outstanding new location. 

The Cinedome in Muri is an overall LED project. The light color is 3000K in all areas. Due to the different materials and colors of the materials the lighting becomes a rhythm by its own. All luminaires can be dimmed and create a different scene setting depending on day or night time. The scene setting also allows the KITAG to create a special setting for individual client groups. The composition of space by the elegant organic feature elements enhances the space experience.