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Universitäre Altersmedizin Felix Platter

Basel, Switzerland
Artificial Lighting

Felix Platter Spital Basel
Wörner Traxler Richter with Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Images: Frank Blümler

The consortium HandinHand won the selection process with the following reason: ‘The "HandinHand" project impresses on the one hand with its subtle architectural / urban development formulation and is an exact fitting piece at the intersection of the residential area, public infrastructure and the architectural icon of the old Felix Platter Hospital. On the other hand, the new hospital promises a good quality of stay for the patients with an attractive external connection.’ The transformation of this idea into the lighting design related to both the exterior and the interior.

The routing by means of light lines in different variations was used for orientation in the building - the calm, visible light line as an accompanying element in the hallways above the handrail and the hidden line as a joint to mark the information stations. Communication areas are recognizable as round diffuse lights in different shapes, as a pendant solution, sometimes direct / indirect and also as a built-in lamp. They form a contrast to the accompanying lines and zone the open corridors and waiting areas, helping both guests and patients with subtle, emotional orientation.