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39 BURDA Shopping Center

Luleburgaz, Turkey
Artificial Lighting

Architect: Mustafa Doganer

The main value of this project is based on the architect‘s ability to create a retail experience which resembles being inside a small town. A key element is the glass roof, which covers most of the public circulation. At night, this element is not enhanced with light and remains discreet, to reinforce the idea that the customer is walking down the alleys of a small town. To achieve this, luminaires are not mounted on the roof structure but instead, street lighting elements at urban and human scale are arranged to subtly illuminate key points of the walk inside the mall. The interior facades are dressed with decorative luminaires of different styles, integrated in colonnades, arches, facades, lighting of „streets“ that provide accents of light and avoid regularity. Backlit floors, vaults, clock towers create an overall unique ambiances.