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DFS T-Galleria Timepieces & Whiskies

Macau, China
Artificial Lighting

Malherbe Design
Images: Courtesy of DFS Group Ltd.

The T-Galleria is an all new concept combining the whisky and watches merchandising into a contemporary and relaxing lounge/library environment. The store is situated at level one in the luxurious retail landmark at the City of Dreams, Macau. Two main lighting characteristics were necessary to attain; atmospheric lighting through accentuating particular features and enhance the interior space decorative lighting pendants. The other lighting aspect is the functional general lighting which includes the wall display lighting. The lighting concept underwent a rigorous detailing exercise to ensure the best installation possibilities within the given time (6 months from concept to construction), budget and design detail. All lighting elements were discussed thoroughly to avoid later complications between the different disciplines.

Codega International Lighting Design Awards Recognition
DFNI Product Awards 2017 - Jewellery/Watches Winner