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Hallen am Borsigturm

Berlin, Germany
Artifical- & Daylight

Client: ECE Projektmanagment GmbH & Co KG
Operator, Architect, Co-lighting designer: ECE
Images: ECE, Lichtvision

Integral day- & artificial lighting design in a heritage building

Built in 1898 as a locomotive production site, the shopping mall 'Hallen am Borsigturm' is a 50,000 m² industrial monument that features a dynamic color experience through all opening hours. The holistic daylight design is based on functional needs and complemented by the use of cool- and warm-white lighting depending on the time of day. In the evenings, mesmerizing kinetic lighting of the mall’s roof is now increasingly supported by variable dynamic colored RGBW spotlights and indirect lighting that highlights the interior structure. High emphasis was put into harmonizing daylit and artificially lit areas and reducing the overall contrast levels.

Detailed project description in DBZ magazine (German)

German Lighting Design Award 2020 - Special Prize Daylighting