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Piazza Shopping Center

Sanliurfa, Turkey
Daylight & Artificial Lighting

5+ Design / USA (concept)
Images: Renaissance Development

The Piazza shopping center is located in the central Şanliurfa, a developing city in Southeastern Turkey. It has provided new shopping and leisure facilities that have brought a vibrant atmosphere to the local area. The lighting scheme is kept clean and simple with visual highlights to the Centre’s entrances. The close collaboration with the Renaissance design team ensured a consistent design approach. Feature columns lead visitors towards the main entrances. Suspended chandeliers and wall sconces repeat the pattern of the interior sun shades in their customized perforated diffusers. In the interior, a combination of recessed downlights, surface mounted projectors and cove lighting are used to enhance the functionality and unique atmosphere of individual spaces. The white lighting scheme enhances the quality and colour of architectural materials. The lighting integration into architectural detailing has ensured a cost efficient scheme and a satisfied Client.