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Time Handsome Store

Seoul, Korea
Artifical light

Client: Time Handsome Store
Architect: Casper Mueller Kneer
Image: Lee Jung Woo

The new architectural identity for Handsome Corporation’s TIME brand has been designed by Casper Mueller Kneer Architects in collaboration with Lichtvision Design. Three main design elements define the space - the custom designed terrazzo flooring with different shades of beige and blue insets, the walls plastered in natural clay and the open grid ceiling which creates a continuous, luminous horizon. The lighting elements reduced to a minimum. Open grid ceiling is fully backlit to reveal an overall endless luminous horizon. Additional directional spots integrated to backlit ceiling to enhance products display. Cove lighting installed to remove backdrop shadows from product display and to provide vertical illumination, so the space feels light and fresh. New design concept to be carried out various stores in Seoul and South Korea.