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Custom Luminaire Design

The luminaire is a tool, which, when used properly, defines the atmosphere of a built environment. Lichtvision has developed various project-specific luminaires, from the classic crystal chandelier to the technically savvy. The visual importance of the luminaire is developed in accordance to the look and feel of the project, all while keeping the massing, materiality, and light source in mind. Detailing and composition of materials is then technically and aesthetically optimized and developed in accordance to relevant standards. In order to meet the quality expectations of Lichtvision, the right partners are independently selected who are capable of fulfilling all our and our client’s requirements. The luminaire is carefully re-examined through this multi-staged development process by samples and mock-ups, through which the product is continually optimized. These developed luminaires may then act as a prototype for a family of luminaires or as a one-of-a-kind statement piece.