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Daylight plays an increasingly important role in the planning stage with concern to sustainability and well-being. Good daylighting solutions are not devised merely from technical components. Daylight planning stipulates key architectural principles through the evaluation of architecturally defined daylight openings such as windows, skylights or atriums.  In the concept phase, the discussion and coordination of the design sets the stage.  Lichtvision begins every daylight design with sketches, reference images and restrained daylight simulation models. From these results, adjustments to the architecture or interior design can be implemented where appropriate. In the next step, more specific parameters such as glazing properties, reflectance and sun protection systems are considered within the simulations.  The envisioned solutions are described in detail to the architect and façade designers, which are then creatively and technically optimized. Lichtvision provides support in further planning phases by developing detailed solutions and specific product suggestions, which assists in the implementation of the site supervision phase.