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Visual Media

The digitalization of light enables a new field of application which lies between classical façade lighting and media facades. The core approach to designing a dynamic media façade is a strong, substantive concept. The realization of the content through software solutions also plays an important role in the planning process. The resolution, and therefore the number of pixels, is often the major budget parameter. These restrictions all have a direct effect on the ability to display content and the overall lighting concept. With awareness of the multiple restraints, Lichtvision ensures that both the content and budget parameters are met within the initial concept phase. Concepts are then presented to the client in the form of 3D animations. In the schematic design phase, Lichtvision defines clearly which lighting product, control system and playback system will best deliver the desired outcome. Before the design development phase, Lichtvision supervises and confirms the visual quality of the concept with the appropriate and necessary mock-ups.