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Audrey House London

London, United Kingdom
Exterior Lighting

Axiom Solutions Ltd.
Images: Sophie Mutevelian

Audrey House is a prominent office building on Ely Place in an attractive, historic, gated cul-de-sac near Hatton Garden in London. The identity of the building is based on its own heritage design language as well its neighbourhood.

The façade lighting strategy creates a subtle and sophisticated solution respecting the detailed historical façade. The overall composition enhances the decorative elements, friezes, cornices, pilasters and allows a distinguished night view.

The size and location of the luminaires was carefully selected to minimise the visual impact during daytime. A central London typical lower GF lightwell was used to conceal luminaires for the ground floor lighting while controlling potential glare for tenants. With less than one kilowatt installed power, this is a low energy and low budget façade installation that transforms the ornate period façade at night. The design of the installation considers the indoor of the building and does not impact on the office spaces within.

Site photographs and onsite mock-ups were crucial for the successful design development of the project. The result being a prominent transformation of this historic building at night.

IES Award of Merit