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South Bund Waterfront Development

Shanghai, China
Artificial Lighting

GMP International
Marcus Bredt

In the area of the new south bund at the Huang Pu River, the southern extension of the world-famous „Bund“, the initial harbour facilities of Shanghai were located. The concept of the „wave promenade“ incorporates the historically-developed linking routes between Shanghai‘s old town and the historic harbour. Like a wave, the promenade undulates along a more than two-kilometre stretch of river, punctuated by differently-designed green islands, as well as terraced gardens—a place of peace and contemplation.

The centre of the wave promenade is formed by the Dongjiadu crossroads hub with its spacious square and its amphitheatre-like stepped seating facility. In the darkness, the stairway facility has reserved lighting with LED lights in the undercut of the seating steps. Glare is minimized in order to allow as many open viewing perspectives as possible and to spectacularly highlight the wave promenade by night