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Zoom Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Exterior Lighting

Hascher Jehle Architektur
© Frieder Blickler for WE-EF

Underlining selected architectural elements of base, body and crown is the fundamental premise of the exterior lighting design. At the base of the building, long, organic lines running in the underside of the projecting 2nd floor are turned into a distinctive feature light element. In fact, these lines and their profiles have become a local visual reference and also part of the logo of this project. The façade of the 2nd floor consists of a series of windows. As a subtle element, only the windowsills are accentuated. The one-story precast concrete façade elements of the upper floors are emphasized by mini uplights. These follow the rhythm of the architectural design and underline the dynamic nature of all 3 facades. Lastly, the crown is softly illuminated from below.