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Lan Kwai Fong Hotel

Macau, China
Artificial Lighting, Visual Media

China Star Entertainment Limited
Images: Florian Licht

Lan Kwai Fong Hotel Macau is situated in the historical part of Macau new Praca do Lotus. Soon being surrounded by new developments, the task was to heighten its visibility in the surrounding cityscape and revive the street façade. In addition, the Hotel’s logo was to be integrated for recognition both from far perspective and pedestrian viewpoints. The media façade concept is derived from linear building design elements inspired by Art-Deco. A vertical and a horizontal band wrap around the tower and podium, the latter with varying density and considering typical viewing angles. Several animation concepts have been developed to provide a dedicated content. A custom luminaire design was then tailored to the façades without interfering with the existing lighting. Furthermore, the colonnade lighting was renewed and extended for improved visual comfort and accentuating the main entrance.

German Lighting Design Award 2017, Finalist