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Swarm Study / IX

Chemnitz, Germany
Artificial Lighting & Lighting Control

Grüntuch Ernst Architekten
Light Art:
Random International, London
Images: Jan Bitter

The reconstruction of the main railway station in Chemnitz was intended to combine local and long-distance transport in one building, and to create an entrance to the city that connects itself to urban space in a special way. Swarm Study / IX, stages the renovated main railway station in Chemnitz, Germany, which appears as an interactive LED façade which incorporates the movements of the surrounding and projects them as light movements on the façade. The artists were fascinated by the acrobatic efficiency of birdwings and translate them into this work with monochrome light in a minimalist way. Each individual light source in the façade is brought into collective ‚life‘: when the swarm moves across the surface, each element acts according to its own rules as well as in constant dialogue with its surrounding neighbors.

German Lighting Design Award 2017 Finalist

IES Illumination Awards 2017 International Merit

LIT Awards 2017 Winner

DARC Awards 'Architectural' Finalist