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Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Dessau, Germany
Artificial Lighting

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
addenda architects
Images: Zumtobel, Faruk Pinjo

The lighting design creates a serial, industrial, flexible linear basic structure in the area of the ceiling with a classic lighting strip system, which allows for intake of a wide variety of lighting components as well as electrical components. The minimization of the stylistic devices of lighting technology puts emphasis on the space and forms the stage for the manifold use of the newly created Bauhaus space. The general light works with the democratic-diffused light. The exhibition design in the collection area works in the staged light-directed light. The ground floor with the temporary exhibition aims at opening up technically and spatially. The staging of art gives the viewer space to classify the object in a local context. The visual relationship with the city and the park is integrated into the presentation. The Bauhaus is not just building and art history but is calibrated in the now.