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Changzhou Culture Plaza

Changzhou, China
Exterior & Landscape Lighting

Changzhou Jinling Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.
gmp International
Landscape architect:
Images: Schran images

The Changzhou Culture Plaza comprises various museums, a library and service facilities. In addition, numerous shops and restaurants in the basement are directly connected to the cultural spaces above. The six pavilions cantilever in large arcs and open a covered public space on the ground floor. A water course running diagonally through the site links all the modules and acts as a source of natural lighting for the basement facilities.

The pavilions’ functions vary significantly on the inside but form a visual whole from the outside. This is underlined by the façade lighting realized from high poles surrounding the complex. Along the riverside promenade the lighting of the water features as well as of trees, sculptures, benches and handrails aims for a high-level integration. General lighting of streets and pedestrian areas is implemented with poles again, emphasizing spatial axes with higher poles and entrance areas with lower ones.

LIT Awards Winner