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Leica Camera

Wetzlar, Germany
Artificial lighting

Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg
Images: Andrea Flak / Zumtobel

The new corporate headquarters of Leica Camera AG is situated close to the city center of Wetzlar, a small town in the middle of Germany. It is arranged together with two existing buildings and a freestanding coffeehouse along a representative central plaza. Besides the headquarters the building comprises an art gallery, a museum, a Leica flagshipstore, a restaurant and open production areas. All applications are connected at ground floor which can be experienced as a circumferential fully glazed façade. The lighting concept at the galleries enables high flexibility in terms of different applications. During darkness the façade along the ground floor appears as a shinning ribbon, which emphasizes together with the lit plaza, the illuminated coffeehouse and lit up facade of the existing buildings the uniqueness and individuality of the place.

LIT Awards 2017 Honourable Mention
Deutscher Lichtdesignpreis 2015
IES Section Award 2015
WAN Award 2015 (shortlisted)
FX International Design Award 2014