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Shatin Communications & Technology Centre

Hong Kong
Artificial Lighting & daylight consultancy

Client: The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Architect: Arquitectonica
Images: Lichtvision

The Shatin Communications and Technology Centre is located adjacent to Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Shatin Racecourse. With completion, the Hong Kong Jockey Club will have a contemporary building to house various departments in one place, among others their Telebet Centre and IT offices, TV broadcasting studios, training facilities and staff amenities. Its design and facade reflect the racecourse and surrounding landscape while offering open views to the scenery with its mountainous backdrop. A spacious rooftop was designed to provide a variety of exterior breakout areas, while contributing to the sustainable concept and design of the project.

Lichtvision designed the artificial lighting for a variety of interior and exterior areas in close collaboration with the architects and different user groups and based on careful studies of the natural lighting situation. Interior lighting complements the architectural and interior design, while exterior lighting respects the surrounding environment in a way that the building blends in elegantly within the racecourse area. Overall, lighting creates a subtle, yet sophisticated daytime and nighttime image. From the beginning, aspects of energy efficiency and long-term performance of the installation have been incorporated into the design for this building which achieved LEED Gold and HK BEAM Plus certification.