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Hangzhou Bank Tower

Hangzhou, China
Artificial Lighting

Lighting Design Collaborator: Wei lighting
Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.
CJ International
Lichtvision based on CJ International

Located in the second Hangzhou central business district, the new Hangzhou Bank Tower is an integral part of the new CBD development, Qianjiang New City. Inspired by a sparkling diamond, the lighting design helps to further emphasize our client’s desire to communicate Hangzhou Bank’s ethos and values to the up-and-coming business hub. Linear light lines are installed inside the curtain wall to highlight the polygonal glass edges in the main façade and paired with suspended decorative lights to create a sparkling diamond effect. The secondary accent lighting at the tower corners and podium help to create a soft contrast for pedestrians and motorists, slowly guiding their attention towards the polygonal façade.