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Office building 'grasblau'

Berlin, Germany
Artificial Lighting

CA Immo
HPP Architekten
© CA Immo

The lighting concept is based on the premise of interpreting the image of the day in a positive-negative way for the way the building is perceived at night. The idea of directly lighting the entire facade was avoided. Instead, an approach was chosen in which parts of the façade that remain in shadow during the day, such as the terraces, are accentuated at night with linear light elements. Like a cord that embraces and joins the vertices that are distant from each other, a lightline gently defines the contour of the entire building at the height of the first level and brings it together as a whole. As an element that guides and orients, a backlight ceiling defines the main access to the building. A warm white light color was selected for the exterior lighting application. Thanks to intelligent lighting control systems, light scenes with defined operation hours and dimming levels of the different components is established.