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The Cradle

Düsseldorf, Germany
Artificial Lighting

HPP Architekten
INTERBODEN Innovative Gewerbewelten GmbH & Co. KG

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The lighting concept has as its main objective the integration of light elements that are not visible at first sight from the perspective of the observer in the square or the street. Discreet lighting for each of the triangular openings in the façade was provided. The geometric and sculptural qualities of the façade are thus revealed in the night scene. The use of large luminaires with a high lumen output was avoided. Additionally, through the use of intelligent and programmable control systems it is possible for each triangular module of the façade to be treated as a pixel. In this way, each luminaire can be programmed to display smooth light transitions and abstract animations. By doing this, presence of this building and its image through light in the evening can be perceived as static or as soft and slowly animated.